What’s the difference between reindeer and lamb leather?

Both reindeer and lamb leather are processed using similar dyeing and processing techniques. Reindeer and lamb are both very durable materials. Leather is a naturally breathable, windproof and thermal material.

Reindeer leather comes from Finland. The reindeer live freely in nature and the leather is a by-product of meat industry. Reindeer leather is silky smooth and thin and a bit stronger than lamb leather.

Lamb leather is soft, flexible and durable. Finnish sheep are not a good leather source, because their skin is too thick and brittle.

Why are reindeer leather gloves more expensive?

Reindeer leather is a more scarce resource than lamb leather. The demand for reindeer is higher which yields to higher prices.

Where are the gloves manufactured?

Every step of the manufacturing process takes place in Ostrobothnia, Finland, including cutting, sowing, detailing and sales.

Why do my mittens wear out?

The color of the gloves and mittens tends to wear out a little bit when in use. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the glove’s performance in any way. Dark colors, such as black and brown do not wear out as easily as lighter colors.

Polyester vs merino wool lining?

Both lining materials are manufactured in a similar fashion.

Polyester is a very soft lining material. It absorbs very little moisture and therefore dries quickly. Polyester is durable, elastic and long lasting.

Merino wool is exceptionally warm. It’s comfortable, breathable and transfers moisture effectively, which is why it has become one of the most desirable materials in rough conditions. The lining feels warm and dry even when moist. Merino wool is an antibacterial and odor resistant material. The merino wool used by Paccas is mulesing-free. While much warmer, merino wool is not as durable as polyster.

Merino wool is a natural material while polyester is synthetic.

Why do my gloves have a scent?

Leather needs to be processed. Without processing gloves will absorb moisture like a sponge. Leather is processed according to the REACH regulation. This means that the use of chemicals is supervised and regulated. Leather gloves always has a characteristic smell of leather.

What if my mittens get wet?

Leather mittens are treated to resist water. However, they are primarily meant to be used in cold weather, not wet weather. Your mittens will last longer in good shape if you avoid getting them wet.

Mittens often get wet during snowy activities. They can be dried e.g. in room temperature, in a drying cabinet, on a warm radiator (not hot), or on a heated floor. It’s not best practice to dry mittens in a dryer, because leather does not like hot.

Sometimes leather dries too much. If it is often exposed to wet conditions or has to endure hot for too long, leather may lose wax and harden. In that case it’s good to treat mittens with grease specially intended for leather.

If leather gets stained, it’s best to clean mittens with Marseille soap, which contains oil that prevents leather from drying while being cleaned.